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Just Married.

So, on Saturday February 26th at around 4pm, in what has to be one of the shortest ceremonies on record, I was married by my Uncle Hap to the love of my life, Courtney Minick.

After that, I'm not entirely certain where the rest of the day went.

Pictures, the cocktail hour, the introduction, speeches, dinner, the first dance, dancing, cutting the cake, more dancing, and then some hazy part where I was drinking directly from some wine bottles. I guess I felt the bar was too far away. We didn't seem to have time for the whole table by table talking to our guests, so I'm sure I didn't get to thank everyone for coming. Everything went pretty well, with only a couple problems. I'd say we learned for next time... but there will never be a next time. It was certainly my favorite wedding, but I look forward to future weddings that I'm less involved in.

BTW, all the credit for the wedding actually goes to Courtney, with ample help from her mother Karen and her sister Meg.

After the wedding, it was off to Kaua'i (Hawaii), where we stayed at the Hyatt Regency. Mostly, we laid by the pool. Nothing particularly special in the food department, though we did eat some Puka Dogs, which were quite yummy. And I had quite a bit of Lappert's Ice Cream. I also had quite a few "Lava Flows", a Pina Colada on top of a strawberry puree.

We never did make it to the Na'poli Coast, I was thwarted first by the helicopter, and then heavy seas prevented our dinner cruise from going. Perhaps we'll have to schedule another trip...

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