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So, recently I've taken to watching Stargate SG:1 (and the new Stargate: Atlantis shortly after that). For whatever reason, I hadn't succumbed to my normal impulses for the x number of years its been on. Recently, I re-evaluated that decision in the midst of the TV summer doldrums, and admitted to myself that I've watched far crappier SF TV in the form of such grand shows as the last season of Earth Final Conflict, Andromeda, or even on ocassion Mutant X, so why should I stay away from Stargate?

This isn't a post about that, however. While breezing through some episodes on the Tivo, I've seen some commercials for some upcoming shows on the SciFi channel, including a Farscape movie/mini-series, a Battlestar Galactica series, and an Earthsea mini-series.

I was a fair fan of Farscape, though I joined it late as well. I'm glad to see it coming back, even if only for a short time. This may work out ok, though given the somewhat rocky Babylon 5 "movies", I won't hold my breath. At least we'll have an answer to the cliff hanger finale.

I did like the Battlestar Galactica mini-series that SciFi did earlier. I wasn't such a big fan of the original that I had hate for the remake, mostly because I was 6 when it was originally out. I did have the Dagget action figure, and a Viper (which Mom hated because it actually shot something). And the mini-series definitely had that "this is only the beginning" that had "pilot" written all over it. At least I didn't miss the second half like some friends did (poor guide listings by SciFi meant that the Tivo didn't realize there were two episodes, and I had to force it to tape the second one). So, I'm happy to watch some more of it.

Earthsea... I read it as a kid, and remembered liking it. When Tehanu came out, it seemed to miss me for some reason. It had been many years since I'd read the original trilogy, but Tehanu seemed to have more adult attitudes, or maybe I was just more of an adult. For whatever reason, I hadn't re-read the series like I had re-read so many others. Perhaps it is time to re-visit the series. Apparently, there are a couple more books to the series as well.

Worth watching, I think. And hope that the SciFi channel isn't only going for that monsters/horror or whatever schlock that people were afraid of.

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