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More on marriage

Marriage's lineage a bit convoluted notes amoung other things that polygamy was big in the old testament, with multiple wives and concubines: "Solomon who had 200 wives and 600-and-some concubines." That's way too many. But is that what they are actually scared of? And Bush called for an amendment today to save "the most fundamental institution of civilization." I wouldn't have placed marriage at the top of that list. How about child rearing?

Ok, that last SFGate article says that Bush gave the speech "Standing in the same spot where President Bill Clinton asserted: 'I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky'". That's an interesting thing to add. Reminds me of the Daily Show sketch monday night where it was suggested that maybe adultery is a bigger threat to marriage.

It certainly seems unlikely that a constitutional amendment would pass Congress, most of the polls seem to put support for the amendment at far less than the required two-thirds.

Update: Here are some amusing marriage requirements from the bible: Department of Faith and The Sanctity of Marraige, though that last one may be a stretch as it relies on this bit of biblical incest.

Or how about, "All marriage is same sex marriage...the same sex, over and over and over again."

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