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So long Trustic, hello Bloglines

So, my friend Mark shut down his trust network based anti-spam blacklist Trustic, claiming that it just wasn't working. That's too bad, it was indeed working somewhat (from my own spam logs), but I can hardly fault him, running a blacklist is a thankless job where even if its "just the computers decision", you are likely to bear the brunt of abuse of those who don't want to be listed. Spam advocates on all sides seem to be zeolots, and dealing with that can't be fun. Its war, after all, right?

But, before he shut it down, he launched a news aggregator, BlogLines. The interfaces looking eerily similar. It also uses ClearSilver (shouldn't you?). Its pretty simple, and yet amazingly effective. I just had to go and build an RSS feed for my psuedo blog software (hey, its entirely static.cgi, look at the power!). One of the cooler features I noticed about BlogLines, it tells you how many subscribers you have to your feed in the UserAgent header when it fetches your feed. Yeah, that's what one notices when one spends too much time on ones own webstats (some sort of ego stroking, no doubt). Did you check out my new references?. Generated with a simple python script, which dumps information into an HDF file, which of course the template can just use...

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