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Nextbus for Muni would be the greatest thing since sliced bread... if it was more accurate. Maybe because the stop I get on from work (Folsom/Embarcadero) is only 3 stops from the beginning of the run, but the "next" times often seem random. They'll start at 4 minutes, cycle down to 2, then jump up to 6, cycle back down to 2, then jump again. I've seen it say 25 minutes (and I took the other train), but I hate waiting 20+ minutes when I expected to wait <5. I especially like how the other line running on the same track is sometimes slated to come later than my line... but arrives earlier. How is that even possible... well, it means that my line is stuck at the first stop, where it can be passed.

Ranks right up there with having the train not stop because the driver thinks its full... or having the N inbound turn into a J outbound at Church/Duboce. Thanks for forcing the entire train to disembark and have to hop on the next already full train.

Or the retards who insist on crowding onto the train during rush hour who end up breaking the door. Then the train goes out of service, everyone has to get off, and it takes like 4 more trains to even hope of getting everyone on these full trains.

The new translink is pretty cool, though it took me two trips to Walgreens to purchase one. The second time, I had 4 managers trying to figure it out before they finally called some customer service number to walk them through it. Only annoying thing: at my height, I can't read the display when I swipe my badge, so I have to stoop down to read it. Also, surprised that you can buy a fastpass for the translink... do you need to swipe your card then?

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