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Soda Selection

If you were to reduce the soda selection at a location to just three options, which one's would you pick?

Our new vendor here at work chose Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

Um... wow, that really wouldn't have been what I would have expected. Supposedly, this was done based on both a survey of the office and the stats from the old vendor on what was drunk. The old vendor had 20 different soda options, which was probably excessive.

Possible reasons for this choice:

  1. Some sort of weird "too many choices" voting issue where the 20+ options before hugely skewed the numbers such that the actual most used don't represent the overall preference.
  2. The new vendor has a special deal with Canada Dry
  3. The choices actually represent the new vendor's preferences
  4. Ginger Ale was the most popular caffeine free choice... but they weren't picking a most popular non-diet...
My old preference was actually for Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but I'm fine with just Diet Coke, but it just seems so strange.

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