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Finally, url support for Putty

I was downloading putty while using my Mom's laptop, and of course just did a Google search for it. I wondered if other types of putty made the first page of search results, so I scanned down the page... and stumbled upon Putty Tray, a weirdly named fork of the putty code base, named after a feature where you can minimize putty to the icon tray in windows... but it also finally supports hyperlinkikng of URLs. This has been a feature of various xterms and clones for years that I've come to depend on, especially since I use a console mail client. I use it often in gnome-terminal, but often have fun cutting and pasting urls in putty, especially multi-line ones. Its been on the wishlist for putty for years, marked as tricky and oddly behind adding scripting support. In any case, my first url click worked great, I might just be updating all of my putty installations to putty tray.

Oh, and there's only one non-putty ssh client related link on the first page of search results, for Putty World. This could be because I prefer putty the ssh client (I search for the download link probably a dozen times a year at least) and the "personalization"... but usually its from a new computer without being logged in, so maybe not. It could also be because the URL for putty is so non-memorable.. if it was just or something, I'd never search for it.

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