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Time for a blog format...

I figure, it's high time that I use a blog-like format for my home page... after all, it seems to be a very natural format for something which changes over time... for instance, my "About Brandon" seems a bit dated, and has been modified a number of times... how much easier if the original data was spread over an entire blog... and besides, just the other day was I was cleaning up my home directory, and came across the detritus of 5+ incarnations of my home directory lurking in various nooks, crannies and sub directories... as the site now says, "A Fake Internet Presence since 1994"... (well, technically before that... but in the form of since about then.) I think I'm using too many ellipsis....

Anyways, I'm not using any particular software at this point, just some templates and data files using ClearSilver and vim... maybe that'll change later.

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